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Buy old/second hand bed in Noida, Delhi, NCR

A widest rage of old and New Double beds are available online. Vipul enterprises brings you the amazing collection of used beds in Noida, Delhi and NCR. Various type of beds are available on Used Furniture stock, like Wooden Double bed, Single bed, Iron double bed, Leather Double bed, Queen size bed with side table, Sofa cum bed and many more are available in our store.

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Vipul Enterprises is now a leading company which deals in used and new furniture and home decoration items like paintings, statues, etc. Product in our stocks are properly tested for use and we assure our clients about the superior quality and durability of the product.

You can also check our home decorative items for your bedroom like paintings, Antique art works and Statues or you can also buy almirah for your bedroom and side tables to place near your bed.

Bellinghams workshop for new kitchen equipments

After grabbing about 70 percent market of North America’s stone hearth ovens, Kurt Eickmeyer’s Wood Stone Corp is planning workshops towards a new direction. The Bellingham is considered best company to manufacture stone hearth ovens and completed its best year recently.

We are going to be doing a lot more innovating. We are getting more into intellectual property, things that are patentable said Eickmeyer, company president, sales marketing and ceramic engineer.

The Bellingham is hiring workshop engineers to seek better results during their sessions. Workshop engineer looks after proper working and functioning of machines. His job also includes maintenance of product records, machine service records and product delivery records. He assists workmen in developing techniques for great yields.

Kurt Eickmeyer is performing many tests with newly developed ovens to yield best result. The company has also turned around 3,000 square feet of unused land into company’s private workshop. Customers are eagerly waiting for some great range of ovens from Bellingham.

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Types of Puppet around the world

An Inanimate object used to entertain people is called a Puppet. It is usually tied with threads and played by a Puppeteer. They are very popular with every generation. They are used to depict a story or spread information among people. Puppetry is regarded as an ancient form of entertainment.

As discussed by Aristotle, puppetry originated some 3000 years ago. It was based on the movement of animals where a thread attached to the pulley was used to play Puppets. Puppet shows were held in theatres and a motivational story was linked with them.

There are several types of Puppets viz. Black Light Puppet, Carnival Puppet, Finger Puppet, Hand Puppet, Human Arm puppet and many more.

Black Light Puppets are performed with the help of ultraviolet light. Here the puppeteer adorns a black velvet dress to mix with the black background. Only the puppet is seen under UV light and puppeteer remains hidden. Only the puppet glows in the UV light and this mesmerises the audience.

Carnival Puppet is used for a large number of audiences and is usually served in Fairs and Parades. Their size is usually larger than that of a man. Two or three men are used to play a Carnival Puppet. They are huge and can be seen from distant places.

Finger Puppet is a very simple form of children’s toys. They are worn over fingers and are used to tell stories to primary school children. They do not have any moving limbs.

Hand Puppet is also known as Glove Puppet. The puppet body is placed over the arm and head usually resides on the fingers. The movement of limbs is shown with the help of rest of the fingers. Punch and Judy are famous Hand Puppets of all time.

Human Arm Puppet is also known as Live-hand Puppets. Here the Puppet is worn over complete arm unlike Hand Puppet where only wrist area is used. One and at times two puppeteers are used to play Human Arm Puppets.

Woodworking Machines – Safety Procedures

One should be careful before working on woodworking machines. Some basic tips could help avoid any accident at workplace. Before using any tool or machine you should read the owner’s manual carefully and feel free to ask questions regarding the machines and their safety. You should be properly trained in handling woodworking machines before using them.


Lot many things should be taken into consideration when using woodworking machines. You should make sure to follow certain safety procedures at your workplace. Some woodworking machines may be too noisy to your ears. If you are unable to hear someone speaking from three feet away, then the frequency of the noise is too high. In that case, you should wear hearing protection in order to avoid hearing damage. Safety glasses are goggles and dust masks are also recommended to wear while handling woodworking machines.

Wear gloves and protective footwear for a better protection. But make sure you are not near to the rotating blades and any other machinery parts. Before working, check the position of the guard, the available floor space, adjust all the safety devices and make sure the machines are grounded properly. The start and stop buttons should be protected and a collar of 3 to 6 mm should be put around the buttons to avoid any accidental contact. The buttons should be within the reach of the operator with the keys and adjusting wrenches being removed before working on the machines.

Before planning, cutting and routing, make sure the blades are in proper working condition and the stocks are clean. Use jigs during cutting procedures and a push stick for pushing material into the cutting area. Do not forget to turn the power off while changing, cleaning, inspecting, repairing or discussing the work. Secure the work pieces by clamping down and position the lighting sources for a better view of the tools.

Extension tables or roller supports should be used for large equipments and make sure to place the electric power cords above head level. The saw dust or chips should be removed by fitting local exhaust ventilation systems to the woodworking machines. Make sure the work area is clean and non-slip for an injury free working environment.


Avoid wearing loose clothes or any other jewellery and awkward operations with equipment at the workplace. Always use a stick or brush to remove sawdust. Using compressed air to clear sawdust should strictly be avoided. Do not turn off the machines abruptly or leave running unattended. The operators should always be alert while operating machines and avoid any sort of horse play at the work place.

Band Saws

A proper band saw with good quality, preferable 14 model, will be the best used tool for resawing. Usually band saws come with two or three blade wheels with a throat capacity of 8 to 36. For resawing, wide blades are used and the small radius curves are cut with narrow blades. Though the band saws are mostly chosen for their versatility, they often come with complex set up and different operations for each different cutting. The blade is changed each time there is a new operation.


A band saw should be unplugged while centering blade and installing. The tilt of top should be well adjusted and there should be proper tension in order to make the blade cut straight. Support the rest of the blade with guide blocks and back up roller and set the side clearance by wrapping a single layer of 24# paper around the blade.

In order to cut sharper corners with less binding, the back of the blade should be conditioned well. Adjust the fence to blade so that the band saw could cut parallel to edge of a table. The table should be set square to blade for a 90 degrees cutting. Setting a band saw can be a time consuming process as each blade is set differently for different procedures.


Three major types of blades namely regular tooth, hook tooth, skip tooth, are mostly used for a better cutting. The regular tooth is meant for smoother cutting and not resawing. Having a 10 degrees rake angle, hook tooth is used for hard and difficult cuts. The skip tooth has 0 degree rake angle and is used for smoother cuts as well as resawing.

The fewer the teeth, the cut will be more aggressive and perfect for resawing. Similarly, blade with more TPI will cut at a slower rate. But it is necessary to have at least three teeth in the material. While a wide blade will give a straight cut, a narrow blade will cut slower.

A band saw with broken blades can be repaired or fabricated to use again. Steel or bi-metal blades of 1/16 to 1-1/4 are fixed by brazing fixture. With a 180 degrees movement and wide blades, the jig can be used again and so is the kit which can be used to make blades from coil stock. Fences should be set properly for a fine cutting. Instead of the stock blade, most woodworkers use one quality blade in the widths when they purchase a new saw.

Safety Tips

Read and understand the owner’s manual before using band saws. Wear face shield and safety glasses and make sure the machine is set to the stand. All the guards should be places properly with the upper guide to 1/8 above stock. Keep the floor clean and use a push stick while cutting narrow pieces. Use the proper blade with required blade tension and keep your hands to one side of the blade. Do not leave the saw running unattended.

Introducing our Used Furniture and Second-hand Appliances blog

Hello Friends,

We are proud to present our new used furniture blog. We will be posting tips and facts about easy to do home decor and office management ideas. We may also discuss issues related to our company (Vipul Enterprises) and our industry. If you wish to read something in particular do leave a comment on our posts and we will try to cover them in our upcoming posts.

Vipul Enterprises is a very old company, operating from Noida and serving exalted customers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Gaziabad and Noida. We acquire furniture and household goods from up-scale corporate houses, ministries, embassies at good rates and offer the same to our clients at a very affordable price. Ultimately the end user is benefited as they get high quality and fashionable furniture and home appliances to decorate / furnish their homes and offices.

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