Indian furniture with brass work

Rajasthani Furniture of Solid Wood brass furniture as popularly known in the market this kind of furniture was prevalent in the age of kings. Though modern techniques and mechanical furniture with hydraulics are making an entry into our households these Indian furniture with brass work are being considered antique furniture.


If you have a thing for royal / antique themes then we are sure you will give these furniture items a good look. You may buy it or you may rent furniture for shootings and events. We manufacture these items and bulk orders are not a constraint either.

Brass work is done separately on brass alloy sheets based on tradition designs. They are generally floral designs or designs of animals. In some cases religious figures are also used. Lotuses, “kalas”, deities, elephants, bulls are some of the popular elements of these designs.

We supply furniture to embassies in New Delhi and we also sell used furniture from salvaged from Embassy renovations.