Cane Furniture of Assam: Culture, Production and Artistry

Various cottage and small-scale industries in Assam are dependent on the supply of different kinds of cane and reeds. It is observed that generally three species of cane are exploited in commercial quantities- Jati (Calamus tenuis), Tita (Calamus leptesadix) and Lejai (Calamus floribundus). Some less important qualities like Sundi (Calamus garuba) and Raidang (Calamus flagellum) are also extracted.

Various types of cane and bamboo products are found in this state. The people of the plains and hills districts of Assam have their own bamboo and cane products with distinctive features and typical designs. The products of the plain districts differ from that of the hill districts in use, shape and design.

It is found that a variety of products like bamboo mats, sital pati, baskets of various sizes and shapes, winnowing trays, sieves, japi or chatta, various types of fishing implements, etc. are manufactured in large numbers in the plains districts of the state. The cane and bamboo products used for domestic purposes are prepared in every nook and corner of the state out of split bamboo and fine flexible cane strips.

No definite records are available to establish the antiquity, history and origin of this craft in Assam. However, it can be safely assumed that the craft was practiced since the misty past with the very dawn of civilization. In the early period in Assam, bamboo was held with special reference and is forbidden to cut in “auspicious days”. It is a general belief that bamboo possesses auspicious character and is of religious significance.

An idea about the flourishing state of cane and bamboo products of Assam was fond even during the time of Bhaskara Varman (early part of the 7th century A.D.), the king of Assam, may be had from the following extract. (An extract from “The History of Civilization of the People of Assam” by Dr P.C. Chouudhury.)

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Indian furniture with brass work

Rajasthani Furniture of Solid Wood brass furniture as popularly known in the market this kind of furniture was prevalent in the age of kings. Though modern techniques and mechanical furniture with hydraulics are making an entry into our households these Indian furniture with brass work are being considered antique furniture.


If you have a thing for royal / antique themes then we are sure you will give these furniture items a good look. You may buy it or you may rent furniture for shootings and events. We manufacture these items and bulk orders are not a constraint either.

Brass work is done separately on brass alloy sheets based on tradition designs. They are generally floral designs or designs of animals. In some cases religious figures are also used. Lotuses, “kalas”, deities, elephants, bulls are some of the popular elements of these designs.

We supply furniture to embassies in New Delhi and we also sell used furniture from salvaged from Embassy renovations.

Royal wooden furniture in Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi

Are you looking for royal Indian furniture crafted from solid wood and studded with brass work? Get that royal touch in your bedroom, living room, hall or study by adding some of the following solid wood Rajasthani furniture to your home. These designs and natural coloring give a royal and antique feel to the furniture. But that is not all, we have taken utmost care to make sure these products are useful for modern usage and are very comfortable for daily use.

Solid Wood Furniture

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Types of timber used for making wooden furniture in India

Furniture forms an important part of our lives and our households. Our identity is incomplete without the furniture at home and office. Today, modern furniture is mostly made using compressed wood or plywood. Traditionally our carpenters have used solid wood without much processing or industrial alteration to make furniture. Despite various synthetic alternatives Indian households still prefer solid wood furniture because of their durability, artistic value (they support fine carvings) and reparability. There are two main classifications – Hardwood and Softwood, based on their strength and it determined by its wood density.

We have listed below 10 most useful timbers used for making furniture in India.

Teak Wood

Teak Wood(Scientific name: Tectona grandis | Color: Deep yellow to dark brown | Density :639 kg/m³ | Found in: Central India and Southern India)
Moderately hard, teak is durable and fire-resistant. It can be easily seasoned and worked. It takes up a good polish and is not attacked by white ants and dry rot. It does not corrode iron fastenings and it shrinks little. It is among the most valuable timber trees of the world and its use is limited to superior work only.
Image credits: Mnemosine

Sissoo Wood

Sissoo Wood(Scientific name: Dalbergia sissoo | Color: Dark brown | Density :770 kg/m³ | Found in: Mysore, Maharashtra, Assam, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa)
Also known as shisham or tali, this wood is strong and tough. It is durable and handsome and it maintains its shape well. It can be easily seasoned. It is difficult to work but it takes a fine polish. It is used for high quality furniture, plywoods, bridge piles, sport goods, railway sleepers and so forth. It is a very good material for decorative works.
Image credits: Andy king50


(Scientific name: Chloroxylon swietenia | Color: Yellow | Density :960 kg/m³ | Found in: Central and Southern India)
It is very hard and durable. It is close grained. It is used for furniture and other ornamental works. Vulnerable

Sal Wood

(Scientific name: Shorea robusta | Color: Brown | Density :880–1050 kg/m³ | Found in: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa)
It is hard, fibrous and close-grained. It does not take up a good polish. It requires slow and careful seasoning. It is durable underground and water. It is used for railway sleepers, shipbuilding, and bridges.


Rose Wood(Scientific name: Dalbergia latifolia | Color: Dark | Density :850 kg/m³ | Found in: Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Orrissa)
It is strong, tough and close-grained. It is a handsome wood that takes up a high polish. It maintains its shape well and is available in large sizes. It is used for furniture of superior quality, cabinet work, ornamental carvings and so forth. Vulnerable
Image credits: Ian Burt

Pine Wood

(Scientific name: Pinus spp.)
Pine wood is hard and tough except white pine which is soft. It decays easily if it comes into contact with soil. It is heavy and coarse grained. It is used for pattern making, frames for doors and windows, and for paving material. White pine is light and straight grained and is used in the manufacture of matches.

Mulberry Wood

Mulberry Wood(Scientific name: Morus spp. | Color: Brown | Density :650 kg/m³ | Found in: Punjab)
It is strong, tough and elastic. It takes up a clean finish. It can be well seasoned. It is turned and carved easily. Mulberry is typically used for baskets and sports goods like hockey sticks, tennis rackets and cricket bats.
Image credits: Roger Culos

Mahogany Wood

(Scientific name: Swietenia spp. | Color: Reddish brown | Density :720 kg/m³)
It takes a good polish and is easily worked. It is durable under water. It is most commonly used for furniture, pattern making and cabinet work.

Jack Wood

Jack Wood (Scientific name: Mangifera caesia. | Color: Yellow, darkens with age | Density :595 kg/m³ | Found in: Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala)
It is compact and even grained. It is moderately strong and easy to work. It takes a good finish and maintains its shape well. It has many uses including plain furniture, boat construction, well curbs, door panels, cabinet making and musical instruments.
Image credits: Thamizhpparithi Maari

Deodar Wood

(Scientific name: Cedrus deodara | Color: Yellowish brown | Density :560 kg/m³ | Found in: Himalayas, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh)
Deodar is the most important timber tree providing soft wood. It can be easily worked and it is moderately strong. It possesses distinct annual rings. It is used for making cheap furniture, railway carriages, railway sleepers, packing boxes, structural work and so forth.

Bamboo Wood

Bamboo Wood(Scientific name: Family Poaceae, tribe Bambuseae | Found in: Throughout India, especially Assam and Bengal)
Not actually a tree, but a woody grass, it is flexible, very strong and durable. It is used for scaffoldings, thatched roofs, rafters, temporary bridges, and so forth.
Image credits: Bin im Garten

Best Mattress for Back Pain

back-pain-in-bed1If you already suffer from back pain through a strain, muscular injury or disc problems, sleeping on a lumpy or hard mattress can make it ache even more. You will spend approximately half of your life in your bed, and those hours spent struggling to sleep with a bad back need not be wasted. If you find it difficult to get into a comfortable position to spend the night because of pain, choosing the right mattress can make all the difference. A good mattress adjusts to your body and supports the joints and muscles in a way which enhances the comfort when you are resting on it.  If you choose a low quality mattress it can have a detrimental effect on existing conditions, you need one that is going to provide comfort for years to come. Your back pain may be a long-term issue or just a temporary one, whichever you are suffering from the right mattress will give you the firmness or softness you need to spend the night as pain-free as possible. Spinal problems can be aggravated on a cheap mattress, your spine can be twisted into awkward positions and you will only realize the damage in the morning- tense and sore.

Experts favor a medium to firm rather than a hard mattress as being easier on the back. At the Medical Center in Santa Monica, associate professor Arya Nick Shamie recommends a body supporting mattress, saying “your spine has a nice curvature and your buttocks, heels, shoulders, and head are supported in proper alignment.”

Shamie believes that “if the mattress is too firm, it will create undue pressure on main points of the body and forces it out of alignment”. He always warns that if the mattress is too soft the points won’t be supported correctly and they will then go out of alignment anyway.

Soft mattresses are particularly bad for lower back pain at the base of the spine because if all of the back is not supported, and part of the back sinks into the mattress, the spinal area is often disjointed after a night on a soft mattress. Hard or rigid mattresses can also have a similar effect. When the back or spinal area is injured it can take a long time for muscular and nerve trauma to ease. Quite often, depending on the injury, those in the early stages of back injury may sleep on the floor or with a board, however the muscle and nerve trauma should eventually relax.


There are three types of mattresses. Conventional inner springcoil mattresses with different thickness of coil can balance the back with a neutral position supporting all the pressure points  in the back. Mattress depth can vary considerably between 7 and 18 inches. The padding and depth is a matter of personal preference and the standard advice is to visit a store and lie on a mattress for a period of time to see if it is comfortable. However it is quite common to find that a mattress which seems good initially may not so fine when the next morning, when getting up is hard because you are stiff and sore. There is also a layered foam mattress which many claim is firmer and has a “memory” which can keep the impression of the back and so match its pressure points. There is also a latex mattress which some experts feel is firmer, however other  opinions state that latex mattresses can be too warm and may emit a chemical odor.

The main way to ensure restful sleep at night is to achieve a balance between  support of the back and comfort. Often serious sleep disorders or non restorative sleep can be due to a variety of causes, one of which is back pain,which is widespread, especially amongst the elderly. Some 65% of Americans report having sleep disorders and waking often during the night.

There are measures which can be taken, such as turning the mattress every few months so that the back support afforded by the mattress stays consistent. Expert advice also stresses the need to change the mattress every so often and the pillows, as there are mites which can cause discomfort and sleeplessness. Incorrectly positioned pillows are also a common cause of neck pain. Stress is a major factor in sleeplessness and the older someone gets, the less easily they sleep.

The general advice is to spend the money on a high quality mattress to give the purchaser the best chance of a restful night.

Solid Wood Furniture in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad

Furniture is an important part for home decoration and these days people are focusing to improve their interior looks by placing unique items on display to impress their guests. Solid wood furniture is getting popular amongst them because of its durability and royal look.

Antique styled solid wood furniture gives your interior a royal look which impresses your guests and gives a strong impression of yours.

Here are some samples of antique styled solid wood furniture:


Usually this kind of furniture may not good for your pocket but you can buy used solid wood furniture from a trusted store with good condition and that will cost you cheaper than the new product. Vipul Enterprises are having this segment on their website (, you can check the products online and can contact them for proper detail of the products or you can visit to their store in Noida.

How to set the right price for your used furniture

There can be many reasons you would want to sell your furniture. Maybe you are moving out or replacing it or just because you have it sitting in the storage and you are never going to use it. Setting the right price for used furniture can be a little tricky as there is no fixed set of guideline for setting the price. The price varies depending on the type of furniture and the market dynamics. However, you can come up with the right price of the used furniture by evaluating its utility and some other yardsticks. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind while setting the price.

Determine the Value of the furniture

Is the piece common or antique? Was it made by some famous manufacturer or is it a collectible? Period pieces and collectibles are high in demand and so is the price. You can get more than the average price for antique and period pieces. Furniture’s manufactured by famous manufacturers are easy to sell and their current prices are a good baseline for you to set the price.

What is the size of the furniture?

Another key aspect to take in consideration is the size of the furniture. Large and bulky furniture is usually difficult to sell. Small furniture’s are easy to sell as it takes small space and can fit in a large variety of settings.

Colour and tone of the furniture

This is perhaps the most important aspect that decides the sale ability of the furniture. Neutral colours and mild tones go well with all kinds design. You can usually get better prices for these kind of furniture than loud and striking tones.

The condition and quality of the furniture

The condition of the furniture is the key factor on the price of the furniture. If it is well maintained it can get you a reasonable profit, sometimes more than the average. Good quality furniture’s are high on demand and thus the price.

The price range between 20 to 40 percent of the original is usually a good and reasonable price to set for your used furniture. However, depending on the condition and demand you may have to negotiate to get a good price.

New & Used Furniture For Rent in Delhi/NCR

Vipul Enterprises is an independently owned company involved in furniture rental in Noida and Delhi and sale of used furniture. We cover Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad and we serve mostly media houses and film shooting crews who need furniture for a short duration.

Furniture isn’t just about seating anymore, it is an environmental design tool for interior decoration, providing a function of purpose to fit the unique needs of the customer.

Used Furniture for rent

Advantages of renting furniture

Moving into a new place can bring about more stress, like finding a comfortable home for your family and familiarizing yourself with the new environment.

To reduce the difficulties of trying to locate suitable furniture in a new place, Vipul Enterprises offers a relatively stress free solution, while ensuring that you are still able to create the home like environment for your family.

Delhi-NCR offers many choices of both local and imported furniture, but good quality furniture often doesn’t come cheap. On top of it if you don’t speak the local language or know your way around the town it may be frustrating to locate all the pieces for furnishing your home.

With our services, we provide to you one stop shop (where everything you need will provided for) shielding you away from unscrupulous dealers wanting to take advantage of you.

Shipping furniture from home is not economically viable; timing of shipment may take long subjecting these items to prolonged exposure to humidity, leading to damage.

However, it is better renting this furniture from a reputable company and returning it when leaving. This works for most who need it for a few days or month. Event management and shooting crews are our favorite

Renting furniture (both old and new) in nth dimension is a great option that can help you in getting each furniture items that you want without having to worry about spending a huge amount of money buying new ones.

It is more affordable with limited amount of time to meet your demand.


Style: we have a variety of contemporary and modern choices to suit your needs, starting from the luxury pieces to quality collections and brandedoffice furniture.

Quality: We provide superior quality of products and refuse to compromise on quality for cost.

Service: In order to prove our commitment to satisfy our customers, our team of professionals will assist you with every detail of our expertise and flexibility that exceeds your expectation.

The company offer a full range of attractive and durable furniture item this include Black leather sofa, 6 seater dining table, wooden office tables , 5 feet Chester,  Glass top center table etc.

Is it wise to buy used furniture?

Whether it is your home or your office, you should certainly have at least a few necessary furniture. In fact, without furniture or a good decor, your place may not have the right looks it must have. The impression people may get while visiting your place for the first time is very important but, if your home or office does not have the right type of furniture or decor, they may be disappointed with the looks of the place.
You have many options for choosing the furniture for your office or home. Especially, if you are setting up your office or home in a new city, you may want to have appropriate furniture. But unfortunately, the costs of furniture have been sky-rocketing thanks to the increase in the prices of wood and other materials and also due to the hefty charges payable to skilled carpenters and craftsmen. So, you may justifiably be reluctant to spend heavily for buying new furniture for your new home or office. Further, when you place your orders for some of the customized furniture you may desire to have, you may not get them on time. The best suggestion to surmount these problems is to go for used furniture.

Benefits of Used Furniture

No Compromise On Quality Despite Attractive Prices

If you think that you may be making a compromise on the quality of furniture if you go for used furniture, you are wrong. If you do a patient search, you can get used furniture of very good quality. You need not spend a fortune for buying them also.

You Can Get Sturdy Furniture

If you do a focused search, you can get antique furniture also. Some of them may have been crafted uniquely and beautifully and so, the looks of your home or office may get enhanced to a great extent if you buy them and place them at the appropriate spots in your place. Further, furniture of earlier times used to be sturdy and strong and so, you can use them for many more years.
If you look at the furniture that are being made now, you will find that they are flimsy and may not serve for more than a few years. You may have to change your furniture quite often and this means recurring expenditure. But, since you can get sturdy pieces if you go for used furniture, you can avoid such frequent spending that may be a drain on your finances.

Making Over Of Used Furniture Need Not Be Expensive

When you do your research,, you may find some of the furniture may be strong but, they may need some make-overs. You can choose to buy these furniture also because they may be of high quality. You need not worry about the expenses you may incur for doing the make-overs because the expenses may not be very high.

Wide Range Of Designs

Used furniture may be available in a wide range of designs and so, you can get highly elegant pieces. A good and patient research is the only key for buying high-quality and elegant used furniture.

Try Online Sites

Though you can buy used furniture from stores that sell them, you can look for direct sellers because you can buy the items you choose at favorable prices. Used furniture stores may add a hefty margin to the original costs and hence, the prices they quote may be higher than those quoted by private sellers. Nowadays, many online companies help in selling used items and so, if you visit these sites, you can find sellers of second-hand furniture also. You can negotiate with them and try to strike a good deal.

Buy old/second hand bed in Noida, Delhi, NCR

A widest rage of old and New Double beds are available online. Vipul enterprises brings you the amazing collection of used beds in Noida, Delhi and NCR. Various type of beds are available on Used Furniture stock, like Wooden Double bed, Single bed, Iron double bed, Leather Double bed, Queen size bed with side table, Sofa cum bed and many more are available in our store.

* Product images shown above may not be available currently.

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