Solid Wood Furniture in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad

Furniture is an important part for home decoration and these days people are focusing to improve their interior looks by placing unique items on display to impress their guests. Solid wood furniture is getting popular amongst them because of its durability and royal look.

Antique styled solid wood furniture gives your interior a royal look which impresses your guests and gives a strong impression of yours.

Here are some samples of antique styled solid wood furniture:


Usually this kind of furniture may not good for your pocket but you can buy used solid wood furniture from a trusted store with good condition and that will cost you cheaper than the new product. Vipul Enterprises are having this segment on their website (, you can check the products online and can contact them for proper detail of the products or you can visit to their store in Noida.

How to set the right price for your used furniture

There can be many reasons you would want to sell your furniture. Maybe you are moving out or replacing it or just because you have it sitting in the storage and you are never going to use it. Setting the right price for used furniture can be a little tricky as there is no fixed set of guideline for setting the price. The price varies depending on the type of furniture and the market dynamics. However, you can come up with the right price of the used furniture by evaluating its utility and some other yardsticks. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind while setting the price.

Determine the Value of the furniture

Is the piece common or antique? Was it made by some famous manufacturer or is it a collectible? Period pieces and collectibles are high in demand and so is the price. You can get more than the average price for antique and period pieces. Furniture’s manufactured by famous manufacturers are easy to sell and their current prices are a good baseline for you to set the price.

What is the size of the furniture?

Another key aspect to take in consideration is the size of the furniture. Large and bulky furniture is usually difficult to sell. Small furniture’s are easy to sell as it takes small space and can fit in a large variety of settings.

Colour and tone of the furniture

This is perhaps the most important aspect that decides the sale ability of the furniture. Neutral colours and mild tones go well with all kinds design. You can usually get better prices for these kind of furniture than loud and striking tones.

The condition and quality of the furniture

The condition of the furniture is the key factor on the price of the furniture. If it is well maintained it can get you a reasonable profit, sometimes more than the average. Good quality furniture’s are high on demand and thus the price.

The price range between 20 to 40 percent of the original is usually a good and reasonable price to set for your used furniture. However, depending on the condition and demand you may have to negotiate to get a good price.

New & Used Furniture For Rent in Delhi/NCR

Vipul Enterprises is an independently owned company involved in furniture rental in Noida and Delhi and sale of used furniture. We cover Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad and we serve mostly media houses and film shooting crews who need furniture for a short duration.

Furniture isn’t just about seating anymore, it is an environmental design tool for interior decoration, providing a function of purpose to fit the unique needs of the customer.

Used Furniture for rent

Advantages of renting furniture

Moving into a new place can bring about more stress, like finding a comfortable home for your family and familiarizing yourself with the new environment.

To reduce the difficulties of trying to locate suitable furniture in a new place, Vipul Enterprises offers a relatively stress free solution, while ensuring that you are still able to create the home like environment for your family.

Delhi-NCR offers many choices of both local and imported furniture, but good quality furniture often doesn’t come cheap. On top of it if you don’t speak the local language or know your way around the town it may be frustrating to locate all the pieces for furnishing your home.

With our services, we provide to you one stop shop (where everything you need will provided for) shielding you away from unscrupulous dealers wanting to take advantage of you.

Shipping furniture from home is not economically viable; timing of shipment may take long subjecting these items to prolonged exposure to humidity, leading to damage.

However, it is better renting this furniture from a reputable company and returning it when leaving. This works for most who need it for a few days or month. Event management and shooting crews are our favorite

Renting furniture (both old and new) in nth dimension is a great option that can help you in getting each furniture items that you want without having to worry about spending a huge amount of money buying new ones.

It is more affordable with limited amount of time to meet your demand.


Style: we have a variety of contemporary and modern choices to suit your needs, starting from the luxury pieces to quality collections and brandedoffice furniture.

Quality: We provide superior quality of products and refuse to compromise on quality for cost.

Service: In order to prove our commitment to satisfy our customers, our team of professionals will assist you with every detail of our expertise and flexibility that exceeds your expectation.

The company offer a full range of attractive and durable furniture item this include Black leather sofa, 6 seater dining table, wooden office tables , 5 feet Chester,  Glass top center table etc.

Is it wise to buy used furniture?

Whether it is your home or your office, you should certainly have at least a few necessary furniture. In fact, without furniture or a good decor, your place may not have the right looks it must have. The impression people may get while visiting your place for the first time is very important but, if your home or office does not have the right type of furniture or decor, they may be disappointed with the looks of the place.
You have many options for choosing the furniture for your office or home. Especially, if you are setting up your office or home in a new city, you may want to have appropriate furniture. But unfortunately, the costs of furniture have been sky-rocketing thanks to the increase in the prices of wood and other materials and also due to the hefty charges payable to skilled carpenters and craftsmen. So, you may justifiably be reluctant to spend heavily for buying new furniture for your new home or office. Further, when you place your orders for some of the customized furniture you may desire to have, you may not get them on time. The best suggestion to surmount these problems is to go for used furniture.

Benefits of Used Furniture

No Compromise On Quality Despite Attractive Prices

If you think that you may be making a compromise on the quality of furniture if you go for used furniture, you are wrong. If you do a patient search, you can get used furniture of very good quality. You need not spend a fortune for buying them also.

You Can Get Sturdy Furniture

If you do a focused search, you can get antique furniture also. Some of them may have been crafted uniquely and beautifully and so, the looks of your home or office may get enhanced to a great extent if you buy them and place them at the appropriate spots in your place. Further, furniture of earlier times used to be sturdy and strong and so, you can use them for many more years.
If you look at the furniture that are being made now, you will find that they are flimsy and may not serve for more than a few years. You may have to change your furniture quite often and this means recurring expenditure. But, since you can get sturdy pieces if you go for used furniture, you can avoid such frequent spending that may be a drain on your finances.

Making Over Of Used Furniture Need Not Be Expensive

When you do your research,, you may find some of the furniture may be strong but, they may need some make-overs. You can choose to buy these furniture also because they may be of high quality. You need not worry about the expenses you may incur for doing the make-overs because the expenses may not be very high.

Wide Range Of Designs

Used furniture may be available in a wide range of designs and so, you can get highly elegant pieces. A good and patient research is the only key for buying high-quality and elegant used furniture.

Try Online Sites

Though you can buy used furniture from stores that sell them, you can look for direct sellers because you can buy the items you choose at favorable prices. Used furniture stores may add a hefty margin to the original costs and hence, the prices they quote may be higher than those quoted by private sellers. Nowadays, many online companies help in selling used items and so, if you visit these sites, you can find sellers of second-hand furniture also. You can negotiate with them and try to strike a good deal.

Buy old/second hand bed in Noida, Delhi, NCR

A widest rage of old and New Double beds are available online. Vipul enterprises brings you the amazing collection of used beds in Noida, Delhi and NCR. Various type of beds are available on Used Furniture stock, like Wooden Double bed, Single bed, Iron double bed, Leather Double bed, Queen size bed with side table, Sofa cum bed and many more are available in our store.

* Product images shown above may not be available currently.

For latest stock of Old Beds for Sale in Noida, Delhi and Gaziabad visit our store or check out our website.

Vipul Enterprises is now a leading company which deals in used and new furniture and home decoration items like paintings, statues, etc. Product in our stocks are properly tested for use and we assure our clients about the superior quality and durability of the product.

You can also check our home decorative items for your bedroom like paintings, Antique art works and Statues or you can also buy almirah for your bedroom and side tables to place near your bed.

The potential of Used Embassy Furniture

A furnished tool is the integral part of any rooms interior. It not only furnishes the room but also adds a glowing touch of beautification. Any interior decoration planning is incomplete without furniture and this is the reason for which appropriate furniture selection is necessary. Furniture can be of various types and those are bought to perform specific purposes. It is no longer any tool or structure to fulfill basic needs. Now a day, furniture designing is a mandatory action that needs to be taken care of for the benefit of the whole household. Customers often look for the durability and strength of the materials used in the furniture.

Used Embassy Furniture

But it may not be always possible to use same furniture in the long run. There are factors which may prompt one to consider the sale of used embassy furniture. One might plan for a complete change in the decoration planning of the rooms in the house and old furniture may look very dull in this new set up. A newly painted room needs renovation in every sense of the term. And an attempt towards renovation might need the change of interior furniture as well. It is therefore a right choice to check the longevity of the materials of furniture so that in future one may consider selling it with the assurance of providing good quality.

Used embassy furniture include many types such as Bed, Sofa set, chair table set, dressing tables, office furniture including sofa, dining tables, antiques, art work, electrical and electronic appliances etc. There are many websites that deal with used furniture selling over the internet flocking the search engine. One of the advantages of buying any second hand furniture is the lower price. Used furniture is offered with marginal cost and in many cases, the quality is very less compromised. One may choose according to his need and wish. If buying any tool with its original price is not possible because of financial limitations, buying used embassy furniture is a good and money saving option. Many of the sites provide free evaluation services. Their expert professionals come and determine the current value of the used furniture after examination. This helps the seller have the best suitable price.

The purpose of the websites and many evaluation stores is to provide life style products such as furniture at affordable rates. Those offer good discounts on quality prices. Making a full list of furniture to be bought helps before buying any used furniture. One should also consider the space measurement before making any purchase to avoid buying redundant pieces. One must check the color and appearance of the furniture. Buying heavily damaged stuff would be total waste of money. But if the furniture piece has potential in the long run, making an extra expense to fix the eyesores would be a wise idea. Collection building stock would definitely be any used furniture with antique design. Small repairing can restore the sturdy look of any furniture. The defects must be keenly examined like holes or shortened legs of the tables or chairs in case of used furniture.

You may consider rental furniture if you have short term requirements like film and television shootings, events, group meetings or functions at home

Beautiful Used Statues for home decoration

Buy antique and unique used statue online with various collections of beautiful stone curves and amazing shapes for your home decoration. A widest range of attractive statues can be yours in reasonable price. in some of the few company in Nodia, UP who deals with used statues and furniture, they are better known for their quality and satisfying services. Visit their official website for more details about statues and other home decoration items. Every item shown in this video is available there and you can find some more interesting and attractive stuff.

Choose right Sofa for your office

Choosing the right sofa for your office is as important as recruiting the right candidate for the job profile. Sofa sets can alter the mind state of your clients in a positive as well as in negative way. We will tell you the correct way of choosing the right sofa for your office.
Follow our simple tips and save your time and money.

Measure the size of your room properly
Before visiting any sofa store, make sure you know the dimensions of your room correctly. If you are having a large hall or even a small room, decide on how much space you want your sofa to consume. If you are planning to fill your space with water coolers, coffee machines or a reception desk, an L-shaped sofa will best fit your requirements. If you have a small office area and want to highlight the couch area, you can go for round-shaped sofas. They consume less space and look elegant with decent colour patterns.

How to position your sofa
Before bringing sofa to your office, decide how will you position the sofa. Analysing the space and style are vital tasks before buying sofa. If your room features a TV, place all the sofa parts in a way that no one shares a back with the TV. If you arrange meeting or host lunch in the office, the sofa should be arrange in a round pattern with table in the centre. You can also position sofas in a semi-circle way.

Choose right shape for your room
After estimating your room size and position of your sofa, next step is to determine the right shape of your sofa set. L-shaped sofas are meant for large rooms which demand sitting area only. L shaped sofas can be positioned at the corners of the room or even at the centre space. Round shaped sofas are preferred in small rooms as they consume less space and even serve the purpose of meetings. You can also alter your work area by adding classic chairs, tables and couches.

Determine the right upholstery material
Choosing the right upholstery is often neglected by many but it as important as choosing the right shape and position of your sofa. Most of us love to buy what appeals our eye and later regret. Buying a white suede sofa is exciting but maintaining the same is a tough job. Suede sofas are hard to maintain at offices while leather sofas are easy to wash and maintain. Leather sofas also offer a wide range of colour and pattern. Leather sofas last longer and do not require heavy maintenance as compared to Suede sofas.

Pick the right colour
Always choose the right colour sofa for your office that matches the walls and surroundings. You can also re-upholster your sofa. Re-upholstering is cost-effective and also brings freshness in the room. If you want an elegant and sophisticate look go with soft pattern and dark colours. If you are seeking a bolder look go with funky colours and random designs. Adorning your office space with the right sofa reflects your personality and adds diversity to your working area.

Bellinghams workshop for new kitchen equipments

After grabbing about 70 percent market of North America’s stone hearth ovens, Kurt Eickmeyer’s Wood Stone Corp is planning workshops towards a new direction. The Bellingham is considered best company to manufacture stone hearth ovens and completed its best year recently.

We are going to be doing a lot more innovating. We are getting more into intellectual property, things that are patentable said Eickmeyer, company president, sales marketing and ceramic engineer.

The Bellingham is hiring workshop engineers to seek better results during their sessions. Workshop engineer looks after proper working and functioning of machines. His job also includes maintenance of product records, machine service records and product delivery records. He assists workmen in developing techniques for great yields.

Kurt Eickmeyer is performing many tests with newly developed ovens to yield best result. The company has also turned around 3,000 square feet of unused land into company’s private workshop. Customers are eagerly waiting for some great range of ovens from Bellingham.

For Catering Equipment and Supplies, click here

For information related to recruitment of efficient Workshop Engineers contact MM Enterprises now.

Types of Puppet around the world

An Inanimate object used to entertain people is called a Puppet. It is usually tied with threads and played by a Puppeteer. They are very popular with every generation. They are used to depict a story or spread information among people. Puppetry is regarded as an ancient form of entertainment.

As discussed by Aristotle, puppetry originated some 3000 years ago. It was based on the movement of animals where a thread attached to the pulley was used to play Puppets. Puppet shows were held in theatres and a motivational story was linked with them.

There are several types of Puppets viz. Black Light Puppet, Carnival Puppet, Finger Puppet, Hand Puppet, Human Arm puppet and many more.

Black Light Puppets are performed with the help of ultraviolet light. Here the puppeteer adorns a black velvet dress to mix with the black background. Only the puppet is seen under UV light and puppeteer remains hidden. Only the puppet glows in the UV light and this mesmerises the audience.

Carnival Puppet is used for a large number of audiences and is usually served in Fairs and Parades. Their size is usually larger than that of a man. Two or three men are used to play a Carnival Puppet. They are huge and can be seen from distant places.

Finger Puppet is a very simple form of children’s toys. They are worn over fingers and are used to tell stories to primary school children. They do not have any moving limbs.

Hand Puppet is also known as Glove Puppet. The puppet body is placed over the arm and head usually resides on the fingers. The movement of limbs is shown with the help of rest of the fingers. Punch and Judy are famous Hand Puppets of all time.

Human Arm Puppet is also known as Live-hand Puppets. Here the Puppet is worn over complete arm unlike Hand Puppet where only wrist area is used. One and at times two puppeteers are used to play Human Arm Puppets.