Bellinghams workshop for new kitchen equipments

After grabbing about 70 percent market of North America’s stone hearth ovens, Kurt Eickmeyer’s Wood Stone Corp is planning workshops towards a new direction. The Bellingham is considered best company to manufacture stone hearth ovens and completed its best year recently.

We are going to be doing a lot more innovating. We are getting more into intellectual property, things that are patentable¬Ě said Eickmeyer, company president, sales marketing and ceramic engineer.

The Bellingham is hiring workshop engineers to seek better results during their sessions. Workshop engineer looks after proper working and functioning of machines. His job also includes maintenance of product records, machine service records and product delivery records. He assists workmen in developing techniques for great yields.

Kurt Eickmeyer is performing many tests with newly developed ovens to yield best result. The company has also turned around 3,000 square feet of unused land into company’s private workshop. Customers are eagerly waiting for some great range of ovens from Bellingham.

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