Top 5 Best Selling Solid Wood Furniture in November 2019

Top 5 Best Selling Solid Wood Furniture in November 2019

Furniture is an essential part of our houses. It not only helps in making our lives convenient but also gives our homes a new and improved feel. With the right type of furniture in the right place, we can make our house look neat as well as stylish. While there are many different types of furniture, the ones that come into use the most are the ones made out of a hardwood. Our hardwood section comprises of durable and stylish furniture that is designed to fit your every need. Let’s take a look at the best selling hardwood furniture in the last quarter of 2019:


Wooden bar cabinet

Made out of Sheesham wood and sporting a contemporary design, this wooden bar cabinet has ample space for all your bar inventories. The doors of the cabinet feature multiple drawers which help in providing more storage in a smaller chassy. The wooden bar cabinet has sold 38 pieces throughout the last quarter of this year. 

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Camel brass fitted trunk

This one is a special piece of equipment, thanks to the camel brass fitted all over the wooden structure of the trunk, giving it a regal look. If you are looking to store your antiques and other valuables without having to resort to the attic, look no further. Sold more than 30 pieces in the last three months, the camel brass fitted trunk is the optimum and stylish option for storage needs.

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Folding chair with table

The best combination of furniture there is, this folding chair with the table is made in Sheesham wood and is one of the most beautiful looking pieces when put together. Mostly preferred for porches and lawns, this folding chair with the table would add personality to your house while making you feel modern and comfortable. 

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Book rack zig zag

If you are a reader and have a lot of books and journals around you, this zig-zag rack is the best way to put your literature in order. Made in Sheesham wood and sporting a zig-zag design, this book rack will make you look a little more intellectual while keeping your items organized. The zig-zag book rack has sold around 25 units in the last three months and keeps being one of the favorites of our customers. 

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6 seater lining dining table

A proper dining table for a proper family, the 6 seater table comes with 6 cushioned chairs and a solid table, all made in Sheesham wood. With the premium quality finish and a design that is meant to stand out, this furniture set would give your house a modern look. Sheesham wood ensures that the dining table lasts years of use and abuse without breaking a sweat. This particular piece has sold more than 25 pieces in the last three months of 2019.

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