Multipurpose Cabinets and Book Shelves

How would you exclaim if you bookshelf could transfer itself into a study table, laptop desk, decoration stand for a flower vase? Well these all can now come true with these unique multi-purpose office furniture.

Especially in our offices we have very limited space. So these modern day furniture that solve different purposes and consume less space come a saviors. Take a look at the pics below how the same office book shelf can act as various other office furniture.

And a multi-functional furniture item can be very stylish and trendy like the one you see here. It gives a plus factor to your office or your home if you choose so.

If you have a adventurer kid at home, then probably it may not fit your needs, because it dismantles easily into different blocks and can be stacked one over the other in matter of seconds.

Vipul furniture is working on building such modern multi-use trendy furniture that is stylish, affordable, space saving at the same time. {found on mocoloco}