Why is Embassy Furniture preferred instead of new one?

embassy furniture

People have always been in awe of the embassy crowd and their lifestyle. An important part of their lifestyle is their way of living in India and the furniture used by them in their respective abodes while they stay in India. Apart from their homes, the furniture used in the embassies is also much in demand in the second-hand furniture market. It sells like hotcakes. There are various reasons which sum up the popularity of embassy furniture.

  • The furniture used by the expats is considered to the classy amongst the general public. This is a general public opinion and based on such reviews the people often end up buying the second-hand furniture which the expats prefer to sell before their stay in the country expires. The demand for such furniture is high.
  • People who prefer to embellish their homes with furniture which is not so expensive always find second-hand furniture interesting because these fit in their budget and are classy too. even kiddie stuff like strollers, play gym, Lego, etc. are sold in the market and has a good demand too.
  • Such furniture is in good condition and hence finds a good market in India.
  • People shooting for budget movies, magazines, or advertisements also prefer to have such furniture for the shoot which is cheap and yet well maintained. The reliability quotient offered by the second-hand embassy furniture is high.
  • Moreover, people also think that if the furniture is from the embassy, it must be imported. The word imported still sparks interest in the mind of several people and thus second-hand furniture gets sold quickly as compared to other second-hand stuff.
  • Social media too has an important role to play in it. As the usage of the platform is high, the sellers make use of the same to pass the word about the sale of embassy second-hand furniture in affordable rates. Thus the stuff gets a good response and flies off the shelf of the seller within no time.