Cancellation and Refund Policy

All purchases, rentals, or subscriptions on is governed by the following terms and conditions. Please refer to them carefully. The terms and conditions are subject to change based on our company policies. When any such change occurs we will update the same here and publish alerts on our website regarding the same.

1. Any purchases made online or on our store can be canceled FREE before they are delivered.

2. If any product is returned at the time of delivery due to any defect in the product during shipping or if the product is not up to your expectations, then only the shipping fees will apply.

3. If any product is returned after the delivery appropriate return charges will apply along with return shipping fees. The return charges will be determined depending on any damages to the product and time-lapsed post product delivery.

4. All refunds will be issued to the same person on whose name the payment was made to Vipul Enterprises ( All online payments will be refunded from the accounts we received the payment from.

5. To discuss any refunds and cancellations you can contact us here.

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